Dead by Daylight reaches over 50 million players

The game also reaches up to 2 million active users every day.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Acclaimed horror video game Dead by Daylight has now been played by over 50 million people, according to an email from the developer Behavior Interactive Thursday.

The landmark was reached recently as Dead by Daylight is now available on a wide selection of platforms, including the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), and even Google Stadia. Behavior Interactive also confirmed that Dead by Daylight has up to two million players logging in every day.

With that name recognition, Dead by Daylight will also have a board game adaptation in time for this year’s Halloween festivities. It will play just like the video game as up to four players try to escape from one killer by repairing the generators and fleeing through the main gate. There will be a Kickstarter campaign for the Dead by Daylight board game on March 29.

“The game is accessible for players of all skill levels, and the wide variety of play options allow groups to tailor the game to their tastes,” states Behaviour Interactive in a prior press release.

The Montreal-based developer now has over 900 employees as they continue to develop new updates for Dead by Daylight. The studio recently released The Ring’s Sadako as a playable killer. With so many franchises coming together like SAW, Stranger Things, and Resident Evil, it’s pretty much the petrifying “Super Smash Bros.” of horror games.