Dead Cells Trailer Reveals It’s Going To Be Available for Mobile

 Dead Cells Trailer Reveals It’s Going To Be Available for Mobile

Dead Cells is a superb roguelike platformer where players have to slowly advance through an undead prison as they steadily become better and better following each death. Originally, Dead Cells was an early access game available only on the PC, but now it’s becoming more widely available. A new trailer went out today to reveal that the indie title is headed to mobile devices, specifically the iOS platform.

You can check out the trailer below. It’s a short watch that shows off plenty of gameplay and gives an idea of what players can expect to face as they progressively dive into the indie title. Some of the boss fights are incredibly difficult.

Those who use an Android device are going to have to wait a little longer, though. While Dead Cells is coming for both iOS and Android, iOS users are going to get their hands on it first for their mobile or tablet devices.

The title is going to cost $11 (€10) for everything. Despite the title going to mobile, players should not expect to see any advertisements or microtransactions. It’s going to be the full experience, and you’ll need to pay for the full title to try any of it.

We have not received an exact release date for this title. We can expect to learn additional details in the future, and when we know when iOS users are going to gain access to the game, we may learn when Android users can expect to start playing.

We’ll share more details as we learn them. Dead Cells is an incredibly tough game, and mobile users who intend to add it to their collection, they may want to think about purchasing a controller to play the game. In the main menu, the developers warned players who wished to get the most out of Dead Cells they should expect to play with a controller.

Dead Cells – Mobile Announcement Trailer

Kill. Die. Learn. Repeat. This summer, the indie hit Dead Cells will slay its way to iOS devices!