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Dead Cells roadmap promises boss rush mode and “the most exciting year” in the game’s history

The year is more than half over, but there's more to come.

Dead Cells has been delighting players for nearly four full years now, and the team at Motion Twin isn’t slowing down with new content anytime soon. The studio just shared its 2022 roadmap — even though it’s the middle of July as of the time of this writing, but better late than never — and there’s some exciting stuff on the horizon.

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As detailed in a Steam community post, the next update on the list is currently in its alpha phase. As Motion Twin’s roadmap image (below) shows, the highlight of that update is the new panchaku weapon, which trades the typical sticks on the end of nunchucks for frying pans. There’s also a new flame-head skin modeled after the protagonist’s look in Dead Cells’ animated trailers. That update is planned to release sometime this summer.

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Then in the fall, Motion Twin will be adding a boss rush mode. “The basic idea here is to let you fight all the bosses you’ve met so far, one after the other, with unlockables to win as you progress,” Motion Twin explains. “We’ll potentially be adding a scoreboard to add a bit of friendly competition.” There certainly are a lot of bosses in Dead Cells, and since the Queen and the Sea DLC added an alternate final fight, there are even more possible encounters for a boss gauntlet.

The next two updates on the roadmap are quite vague, though they are intriguing. “It’s a surprise,” says Motion Twin about the winter update. It teases “new stuff to play with” when that arrives. Finally, the studio pledges to continue supporting the game in 2023. In fact, it claims we’ll see “the most exciting year in Dead Cells’ history” then.

Of course, 2022 has already been a big year for the game. In addition to the aforementioned Queen and the Sea DLC, the game also received a new biome, the Bank. Motion Twin also added a host of accessibility options to the game in its Breaking Barriers update in June.

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