Deadpool teases fan-favorite Spider-Man characters heading to Marvel’s Midnight Suns roster

The merc with a mouth is on the loose.

Image via 2K and Firaxis

In a ploy to include his likeness in the game, everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth has decided to hijack the official Twitter account of the upcoming Marvel’s Midnight Suns. In typical Deadpool fashion, he has gone on to post various self-made crayon drawings of himself and he has also given away a number of Legendary Edition Steam codes of the game for people to claim. Most importantly, however, the Regenerating Degenerate has leaked the names of multiple characters that are going to be included in the game in the near future.

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During the first leak, he initially gave readers a hint about the character through a post in which he stated, “this hero is one of the most powerful supes around, as well as being a fashion icon.” He would eventually go on to reveal that the superhero he was referring to was none other than the weather-manipulating member of the X-Men, Storm. Along with the announcement, Deadpool also included art of Storm’s character model for the game.

This was then followed up by another “leak” in which Deadpool gave out clues again at first, wherein he stated that the next character “would be very strong, pretty angry, and really needed to see a dentist.” Afterwards, he uploaded a photo of Eddie Brock’s face along with another image of Venom’s character model, which featured a unique looking black and gold suit.

Deadpool’s last and most recent “leak” involved a game of hangman with the letter M being the only hint given. Following the trends of his past announcements, he would eventually follow-up his hints with images of the next addition to the Midnight Suns roster, the most recent of which turned out to be The Living Vampire, Morbius.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been pushed back a few times, it will finally release on December 2, 2022, for the PC, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. The Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions will release at a later time.