Destiny 2 Guardian Games Cup Charity Event Dates Revealed

Players are able to support two charities by signing up as a team for the event.


Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has confirmed the dates and details for the Guardian Games Cup Charity Event. This is a hybrid event in that players will take part in-game while also helping to support two hand-picked charities. It is a great way to get together with your Fireteam, play some Destiny 2, and do some good with the hours you pour into fighting for your chosen class.

The Guardian Games Cup will be live in Destiny 2 from May 2 to May 23, allowing all players to compete for the class they believe is the best as a group across two categories. The Technical category tracks the number of medals the team earns during the event, while the Charitable category tracks how much money the team has raised for the chosen charities this year.

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How to Sign Up for Destiny 2 Guardian Games Cup Charity Event

Destiny 2 players can now sign up for the Guardian Games Cup through the official Bungie Foundation page. All you need are some friends to play with and a desire to compete in the Guardian Games as much as possible. Every registered team will get a charity page they can share with friends, family, and even fans if they have any. Bungie will track the donations made through this charity page to help judge the team in the Charitable category. 

The charities Bungie has chosen to support this event are Direct Relief and International Rescue Committee. Direct Relief operates in over 80 countries, supporting the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies. The best part about its work is that it disregards the influence of politics, religion, or the ability to pay where it impedes its work. International Rescue Committee works to respond to the world’s humanitarian crises and is currently doing a lot of work in Ukraine, restoring health, education, safety, well-being, and everything humans need to have a normal life.

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Supporting these charities should be its own reward, mainly as you see the number on your charity page increase over the course of the event. However, Bungie is offering a few incentives to help push players to share their efforts as much as possible. Rewards include Bungie Store credit, custom artwork of your Guardians, and even a pendant. Players will get the exclusive Quantum Relay emblem for any donations of at least $25.

Image via Bungie

As you can see on the event’s official page, some teams are already raising money. At the time of writing, the total stands at $2,670. We expect that number to skyrocket given that there’s an exclusive emblem on offer and how many streamer teams will jump in to compete for their favorite class and the biggest donation total.