How to get the Immovable Refit Vexcalibur catalyst in Destiny 2

Unlock the hidden potential of the Vexcalibur.

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There are three catalysts you can earn for the Vexcalibur in Destiny 2. Each of these catalysts are available through completing the Exotic Mission surrounding this unique weapon, Node.Ovrd.Avalon, where you need to dive into the heart of the Vex network to find the source of a unique signal calling out to you. One of these catalysts is called the Immovable Refit, and you’ll need to find this, along with the other two, to unlock the potential behind this powerful weapon. This guide covers everything you need to know about how to get the Immovable Refit catalyst for the Vexcalibur in Destiny 2.

Where to find the Immovable Refit catalyst for Vexcalibur in Destiny 2

The only way to unlock the Immovable Refit catalyst for the Vexcalibur is to completing the Node.Ovrd.Avalon exotic mission on the Legendary difficulty. You can change the difficulty before starting the Exotic Mission, which should appear on the EDZ map right at the center. You will also need to have the Vexcalibur unlocked.

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The Legendary difficulty is much harder than the standard game mode. A handful of modifiers appear for this game, such as Chaff which disables the radar, and Galvanized, where all enemies have more health and are difficult to stun. Multiplicity, where having multiple fire team members with you makes the combat harder, limiting your revives. There are also shielded foes for Arc and Void shields, making targets more challenging to take down. Finally, there’s the Consecrated Ground modifier, where all Awoken Favors you’ve acquired from the Season of Defiance are available in this activity.

After you complete the Node.Ovrd.Avalon exotic mission on this difficulty, the Immovable Refit catalyst will appear in your Vexcalibur, and you can activate it.