Destiny 2 reveals the Season of the Seraph, taking the fight to the enemy

Rebuild the Warmind.

Image via Bungie’s YouTube

After no marketing and several small hints, Bungie has released Destiny 2’s Season 19 trailer, properly calling it the Season of the Seraph. This season will focus on Rasputin, the large AI Anastasia Bray placed into an engram and now plans to rebuild. It will be up to players to rebuild this complicated AI system throughout the rest of the season.

Players will need to infiltrate behind enemy lines to rebuild pieces of Rasputin as they prepare for the upcoming arrival of the Witness, the major enemy that revealed itself following the end of The Witch Queen expansion, who will be an ally of Calus in Lightfall.

Beyond rebuilding the Warmind, and the season’s focus, not much else was revealed in this initial trailer. We did see an Exo, which many believe to be Clovis. We’ll have to wait until Bungie reveals more when the proper patch notes drop and we figure out the new gameplay loop.

Before the drop from the trailer, not too much was known about this upcoming season. Bungie has kept this information close to its chest, and some fans haven’t enjoyed it. Before the arrival of the next season, little information is shared hours before the release. Many Destiny 2 fans want to see more hype and build-up before they jump into the season. Hopefully, Bungie will consider adjusting its marketing course in the future.

Season of the Seraph will arrive later today when the servers return at 12 PM ET. There will likely be an update, so if you’re having trouble getting into the game, make sure you run Destiny 2 through a quick update before trying to jump back into it.