Destiny 2 streamer sued by Bungie for cheating and harassment

The defendant wanted to “burn down” Bungie.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Bungie is constantly working on Destiny 2, releasing hotfixes and other updates to keep the live service shooter up to date with new content and improvements. Sometimes, however, the studio has to take a stand outside of the game itself. Bungie is currently suing a Destiny 2 streamer over repeated, detestable behavior.

The lawsuit, as spotted by TheGamePost, was filed in a Washington state district court — Bungie is based in Bellevue, WA, for reference. Streamer MiffysWorld, AKA Luca Leone, has been caught cheating and repeatedly banned. Leone has created 13 different accounts to get around this, and moreover, they have been selling Destiny 2 emblems and related social media accounts.

All of that pertains to the content within the game. Beyond causing trouble Destiny 2 itself, Leone has posted threatening messages toward Bungie employees. This includes expressing a desire to “burn down” the Bungie office. At some point, Leone also lived a short distance from Bungie community manager Dylan Gafner, who also received a veiled threat. Bungie is seeking damages in its lawsuit, but it’s also asking for an injunction against Leone, which would bar contact with studio employees and community members.

This isn’t the first Bungie lawsuit of the year. A barrage of DMCA takedowns was causing trouble for several members of the Destiny 2 community — a group fully allowed to make content around the game, as per Bungie’s own permission. Fraudulent Google accounts were causing the takedowns, and Bungie promptly sued the group behind them upon finding out.

Bungie has deliberately created a safe space for its fans and employees. Its stories have helped players heal from real pain, and it took a very public stance on reproductive rights ahead of the United States’ controversial rollback of its historic Roe v. Wade decision. It maintains that position, and that won’t be changing in light of Sony’s finalized acquisition of the company.