Destiny 2’s upcoming exotic missions changes are sparking excitement among fans after Bungie announcement

Exotic missions are set to join the regular rotations.

Image via Bungie

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Destiny 2’s Year 6 will be full of massive changes coming to the game, and it all kicks off when Lightfall arrives at the end of this month, alongside the Season of Defiance. When Bungie shared these details, the team added that not everything will happen immediately, and one of the upcoming changes will center around Exotic missions. In the future, there will be a rotating Exotic mission for players to check out, adding more variety to the weekly activities, and fans are tentatively excited about the prospect of this change.

Bungie shared this announcement in the latest blog post. The team plans to add a rotating list of Exotic missions for players to jump into, featuring specific Exotic missions for players. This will happen on a weekly occurrence, and they’re going to offer rewards from previous seasons. This includes missions from Season 13’s Presage, Season 16’s Vox Obscura, and Season 19’s Operation: Seraph’s Shield.

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In the latest season, Season of the Seraph, the primary Exotic mission was Operation: Seraph’s Shield, and it revolved around the unique weapon, Revision Zero. At the start of a season, players could earn a new mission by playing the weekly content and unlock a powerful catalyst for the weapon by completing this mission on Legend difficulty. It was a good way to make this content a weekly occurrence and keep players dedicated to this activity.

The Exotic weekly rotator will be a good opportunity for fans to go through these activities again and the new ones Bungie has teased. We imagine the rotator will look similar to the other weekly seasonal activities already in the game and will provide a new challenge for fans who want to earn powerful Exotics.

The announcement of an Exotic rotator is in the early stages. This won’t appear until Season 22, so fans have plenty of time to get accommodated for this upcoming system, alongside the many other changes set to release in Destiny 2’s Season of Defiance and Season of the Deep, coming after Lightfall launches on February 28.