Diablo 4 beta players’ characters are getting deleted after disconnects, prompting anger from fans

The real demons are in the code.

Image via Blizzard

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The adage of every rose having its thorns strikes true for the latest Diablo 4 beta, as some users have noted that their characters are being unceremoniously deleted. The deletion seems to occur after being disconnected from the title due to various error codes. It’s important to note that the current beta playtest is just that — a playtest which is occurring roughly three months before the game is expected to actually release. This hasn’t stopped some fans, however, from expressing their outrage over the bugs.

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It should also be noted that this is nowhere close to the infamous Error 37 from the Diablo 3 launch on May 15, 2012. The purpose of playtests and betas is to help identify where these errors are stemming from, so the official release is ideally free from the bugs and errors that the userbase helps Blizzard to identify. Still, it can be frustrating for some to be one of the lucky few to actually begin playing, and then suddenly have their character pulled from their hands.

Unfortunately, there is no ready fix for this just yet. For players that are already exploring the realm, the best prevention is to cross your fingers while demolishing the demons of hell and hope you don’t get disconnected. Popular streamer Asmongold lost his entire character after a Network Disconnect error, prompting a slew of profanity and epithets when he realized that his character has officially ceased to exist.


It appears that even the tongue-in-cheek ‘streamer privilege’ is being revoked as Blizzard irons out the bugs on the first day of closed beta testing, and players should expect a slew of these issues. From error codes that make players restart the entire application to desktop crashes, this is what a playtest tends to smell like.