Diablo 4 Fans Back Changes That Don’t Include Previous Gameplay Mechanics

Fans are backing the decision to move forward with convenient mechanics in Diablo 4 rather than stepping back to Diablo 3 or Diablo 2.


Image via Activision Blizzard

Diablo 4 is a divisive game with the franchise’s community. Each game has brought a new story that builds upon what came before, and mechanics have followed a similar pattern. However, recently some vocal members of the fan base have been complaining about specific changes in the latest game in the lead up to its release, but the rest of the fans are backing what the developers are doing.

After a fan posted on the Diablo 4 Subreddit explaining how they don’t want to go back to how systems worked in previous games, hundreds of others commented in support. This shows that those loudly complaining about the loot system are likely in the minority.

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Fans Excited for Diablo 4 Don’t Want Diablo 2 or 3’s Loot System, They Just Want to Play

Diablo 4 changes quite a few things about the traditional Diablo formula from previous games that some fans may enjoy. The changes that many fans are complaining about, though, relate to loot. Previous Diablo titles have all done loot slightly differently, but most fans seem to agree now that the only way is forward.

The core message in this post from Reddit user dhamih resonates with a huge chunk of the Diablo community. Loot systems in previous Diablo titles were created in an attempt to fix issues with the loot systems in the games that came before. They were also designed based on accepted game designs from the time. While it’s sometimes nice to remember how things used to work and relive the glory days of a franchise for a few hours, changes are made for a reason, and fans want the best experience from Diablo 4.

Developer Activision Blizzard has done a lot with loot in Diablo 4, including implementing new systems that effectively kill loot trading and adding instanced loot to avoid arguments. These systems benefit players and make for a smoother experience for newcomers. It’s understandable that some fans of the series would want to stick with what they’re used to, but that’s not the direction the developer is taking with this title.

A friend of mine was upset that there’s no inventory tetris.

In what world is that a desired feature to get frustrated with inventory space?

Another fan, in the replies to this post, pointed out another aspect of Diablo 4’s changes causing friction with some members of the community. Inventory space in the game has been streamlined, and each item of loot takes up one slot. While inventory management certainly has its place, it’s clear from the responses here that Diablo 4 is not one of them.

That’s my least favorite thing from Diablo ii.

The post is filled with tiny conversations like this, ultimately showing that no matter what Activision Blizzard does with Diablo 4, it’ll never please everyone. However, most of these changes have clearly been made with streamlining the experience for newcomers in mind. The Diablo series appears to be one of the least approachable to outsiders and the peak of the type of game many people say you must put 100 hours into before it gets good. With these changes and this sort of support, that could change when Diablo 4 launches on June 6.