Diablo 4 Players Speak Out Against Confirmed Seasonal Character Requirements

Each season will require its own seasonal character to access specific content.

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With the first season of Diablo 4 approaching, many players have been speculating how seasons will work in the game, including if they need to create new seasonal characters. Now thanks to a tweet by Diablo’s general manager Rod Fergusson, players have their answer.

In a tweet by Fergusson, he confirms that players will need to create a new seasonal character to access the seasonal content, including the battle pass, and players have had a pretty mixed response to the news.

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Seasonal Content Will Require New Characters to Access New Seasonal Content

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This information comes via a response by Fergusson to Twitter user Paul Tassi, explaining how players will access seasonal content. For many, it seems it’s not the answer they were hoping for.

Fergusson confirmed that for players to participate in the seasonal content, which includes seasonal questlines, mechanics, the season journey, and the battle pass, players must create new seasonal characters. This means that with each new season, players will be creating a brand new character to take part in the new content, with that character moving to the Eternal Realm once the season is over for play to continue playing if they choose.

For veteran fans, this won’t be a surprise since previous Diablo games like Diablo 3 followed this same structure, with the idea being players can experience getting stronger and enjoying new content all in one. He also confirmed that playing the campaign on a seasonal character will progress the seasonal journey and battle pass. However, that’s not stopped players from expressing their dissatisfaction with the news.

A good number of replies to Fergusson’s tweet are players expressing their frustration with this decision, with one user saying,g “Gotta be honest- as a new player, I don’t see myself grinding like this again. If I have to start from scratch for S1, I’m likely done maining Diablo.” Others shared this sentiment, with a lot pointing specifically to the battle pass and asking why battle pass progression isn’t an account-wide effort rather than a specific character. Others have pointed out that the slower time to level up will likely make this grind less fun or rewarding, and some have expressed they won’t be taking part in seasons due to this decision.

On the flip side, some users were quick to point out this isn’t anything new to the series and have reminded players that with the seasonal journey and exp increases players will get, it may not be as demanding as it sounds.

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This will likely be a big deciding factor for many players who may now play less due to this approach. With the influx of new and more casual players, it’s understandable why many won’t be happy with this move since not every player has the time to start fresh with every season. Whether or not this affects the player base significantly has yet to be seen, but many players are crossing their fingers this approach will change in the future.