Diablo 4 Devs Detail Important Changes in First Campfire Chat

The First Campfire Chat offered some answers to fan feedback and a look to future changes coming to Diablo 4.


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Diablo 4 has had a very successful launch, and the game’s first season is on the horizon. With plenty of players enjoying the game, the developers have already begun to take on player feedback and put it to good use.

During the first Campfire Chat on June 16, the developers detailed some of the upcoming changes and quality-of-life improvements coming to Diablo 4 in future updates, including changes to specific content, materials, and some fixes players are eager to see.

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Developers Discuss Nightmare Dungeons, Renown, and upcoming changes coming to Diablo 4

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During the live stream, the developers addressed multiple changes and improvements coming to Diablo 4, some coming before and with the launch of season 1. One of the main areas that will see changes is Nightmare Dungeons. These endgame activities will see some positive changes, such as increased exp rewards that will make them more worthwhile. This will also detur players from spamming normal dungeons in favor of doing endgame content, which they also addressed during the stream.

Additionally, Nightmare Dungeon Sigils will soon act as fast travel items and take players to their chosen Nightmare Dungeon and can be used immediately after the last dungeon is cleared. In essence, it’s a way to speed up getting to these locations and make doing them less time-consuming.

The developers also answered fan questions and concerns over Renown, stating that not everything will reset with each new season. Instead, any area discovered on your map, and all Altars of Lilith, will carry across and give you Renown for each new character you make.

With that, any bonuses you would unlock, such as potion capacity, will be unlocked automatically if you have enough Renown. However, Waypoints, side quests, and other content will not carry over and will need to be completed again, though this may change in the future.

While these were the main takeaway from the live stream, they also addressed several other pieces of fan feedback, some coming very soon, while others are planned for season 2 or large patches. For starters, Materials caps will be increased before season 1, and starting in season 2, Gems will no longer be found in your inventory and will instead be sorted in your Materials tabs, freeing up space for loot and other items.

Additionally, Resistances will get some changes to make them more desirable and effective, which is planned for season 2. They also spoke about fixes to the Druid loot tables, which will see more items for their class drop, and will be implemented before season 1, and World Boss Caches will soon lose their level restrictions to open. As for customization and social features, both will see more features and additions in the future, though nothing major was mentioned during the stream.

They also spoke about some of the connection issues players have faced, empathizing with Hardcore players. The team is aware of some issues causing players to die randomly and is working on fixes, and also announced an upcoming change to The Scroll of Escape, a Hardcore-only consumable. Starting in season 2, if a player has this item in their inventory and disconnects, the scroll will be consumed and automatically teleport them to town.

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Lastly, they announced that details on the first season of Diablo 4 would be discussed in an upcoming developer update live stream, currently set to take place in early July.

The Campfire Chat live stream proved to be a good opportunity for the Diablo developers to talk with fans and offer a lot of details on their plans. With more planned in the future and developer updates too, we will likely be hearing a lot from the developers in the future.