Disney Dreamlight Community unanimously decides Ariel should not stay under the sea

Do you prefer Ariel as a human or a mermaid?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with residents for you to find and realms for you to explore. While most of these Disney characters reside on the surface, there are some who call the oceans, rivers, and ponds of the valley their home. Ariel and Ursula have been in Dreamlight Valley since it went into early access but they have also been some of the most criticized thanks to their inability to leave the water. That is until you complete Ariel’s final quest which allows her to walk on land. Earlier today, a poll was posted on the official Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter page and fans of the game almost unanimously agree that Ariel should stay out of the water.

The poll asks fans if they prefer Ariel as a human or a mermaid. After hours of having the post up, almost 80% of voters have stated that they prefer Ariel in her human form. Those who have played Dreamlight Valley should understand where this comes from since multiple updates have been released to help Ariel and Ursula navigate the waters.

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The thought of these characters is great. Having them pop out of the waters in the valley is a great way to see these two sea-dwellers. Unfortunately, some fans would argue that this has made both Ariel and Ursula a nuisance to track down. One user even stated “The stress of chasing her and Ursula around to turn in quests aged me about 10 years.” While this is an exaggeration, the two characters are notorious for teleporting to another body of water as you make your way to them. Keeping Ariel in her human form makes it easy to keep track of where she is at. If only the devs would add Ursula’s human form to the game as well.