Disney Dreamlight Valley Announces Return of Twitch Drop Items

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans can get their hands on some new free items through Twitch Drops from their favorite streamers this week.


Image via Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley has had Twitch Drops in the past that have rewarded viewers with streamer-inspired items to use in-game. It’s now been confirmed that Twitch Drops for this title are coming back soon, offering players another chance to pick up more free items for their character and house.

The official Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter account today confirmed that Twitch Drops will be returning later this week. Players can earn up to four new in-game items, all inspired by the technology streamers use in their setups, with a focus on neon colors inspired by the almost futuristic look of most streaming equipment.

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New Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitch Drops Coming Later This Week

The second wave of Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitch Drops will be available from May 19 to 22. During this time, players can earn four new RGB-inspired in-game items. These items are the Gamer Headphones, Gamer Desk, Gamer Backpack, and Gamer Desktop.

To get these Twitch Drops, players need to link their Disney Dreamlight Valley Gameloft account to their Twitch account. Bundle I, which rewards viewers with the Gamer Headphones and Gamer Desk items, can be earned from 6 AM ET, May 19 to 11:59 PM ET, May 20 by anyone who watches 1 hour of a Twitch Drop-enabled stream. Bundle II contains the Gamer Desktop and Gamer Backpack and can be earned between 12:00 AM ET, May 20 to 11:59 PM ET, May 22 by anyone who watches 1 hour of one of the same designated streams.

Fans should keep an eye out on social media to see which of their favorite streamers will be playing the game live with Twitch Drops enabled. All they need to do is leave the stream running for the designated amount of time, and they can start using these exclusive items straight away. The list of designated streams can be found on the official Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitch Drop 2 page for any fans that don’t have a regular streamer to turn to.

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Twitch Drops can be a great way for fans to find a community of like-minded people to join who all love the same game. They can also help a streamer build up their fan base by attracting more relevant viewers who want to see their content.