Every Disney Franchise Featured in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley opens its doors to a whole new world(s) with all the Disney franchises it features.

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Over time, Disney Dreamlight Valley has delivered on its promise of populating the game with our favorite Disney characters and locations. While I could whine about how we haven’t visited the Monsters Inc. biome yet, I’d much rather go over the currently featured franchises in the game.

DDV burdens a heavy load on its shoulders. After all, housing all the content created by a company which creation that dates back to 1923 isn’t easy at all. Through updates and now through an upcoming paid expansion, they have managed to include a fair share of Disney franchises in the Valley. If you’re curious about who you’ll get to meet in this game, here’s a brief rundown of all Disney characters and locations in DDV.

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All Current Disney Franchises Featured in DDV

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AppearanceDisney Franchise in DDVFeatures Included
The Sword in the StoneMerlin is the first character you’ll meet in the game. He orchestrates
Mickey MouseMickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Scrooge McDuck will progressively join the Valley as you advance through the main storyline.
RatatouilleA door in the Dream Castle leads to Remy’s restaurant from Ratatouille. You can invite him to the Valley.
WALL-EYou can unlock a door to WALL-E‘s post-apocalyptic, trash-filled world and invite him to the Valley. Eve is also coming in the A Rift in Time Expansion.
FrozenYou can unlock a door to meet Elsa, Ana, Olaf, and Kristoff and bring them to the Valley.
MoanaA door in the Dream Castle leads to Motunui, where you’ll find Moana and Maui and invite them to the Valley.
The Little MermaidAriel, Ursula, and Eric can be brought to the Valley too. You can even get Ariel to transform into human form and purchase a skin to turn Ursula into Vanessa.
TangledMother Gothel can live a pretty decent life in your Valley, but she’ll stir up some trouble every now and then when a Rift in Time releases. Rapunzel will be joining the Valley, too.
Disney Dreamlight Valley NalaThe Lion KingScar is another villain who will cause far less trouble and just hide in his corner of the Valley. He is later joined by everyone’s favorite lion couple: Nala and Simba.
EncantoMirabel joins the Valley with her lovely family house from Encanto.
Lilo & StitchSo far, Lilo is missing from the Valley, but Stitch continues to be a lovely companion.
CinderellaThe Fairy Godmother asks us to get her a pumpkin house to unfold one of the most relevant plotlines in DDV.
Toy StoryWoody and Buzz Light Year let you into Bonnie’s bedroom. Though they look incredibly tiny next to every other villager, they will join the Valley, too.
Beauty and the BeastPay the magic castle of Beauty and the Beast a visit and invite a couple who’s bordering divorce to the Valley. Anyway, Gaston will be joining them in the expansion pass.
Wreck it RalphEveryone’s favorite candy girl, Vanellope, is ready to race you in the Valley. Though the Candy Kingdom realm isn’t available yet, you can build her a pretty cool candy house.

All Disney Franchises Coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley

DDV full release date
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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s content roadmap for 2024 outlines the Disney franchises that will be added or expanded upon in the content that is to come:

  • On December, Jack Skellington will join DDV, which means that The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Disney franchise coming to DDV.
  • The Princess and the Frog is one of the Disney franchises that will be coming in 2024 to Disney Dreamlight Valley in the form of free content (that means it’s not part of the expansion pass, but you still need the base game)
  • Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc. will be part of Disney Dreamlight Valley as of early 2024.
  • Though not confirmed, Mulan could be the franchise behind Gameloft’s “You don’t find a Realm like this every Dynasty…” hint in the 2024 roadmap.
  • The last Disney franchise to join the DDV train will be Aladdin. Jafar is the main villain behind A Rift in Time, so you can expect to see a lot of him.