Disney Dreamlight Valley Devs Send Out Alert On Glitchy Pixel Duplicate Bug

If you’re enjoying Disney Dreamlight Valley’s multiplayer a bit too much, look out for this Glitchy Duplicate Crafting bug.

DDV Glitchy Duplicate Bug

Image by Gamepur

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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s multiplayer launch in December stirred both excitement and skepticism among its player base. Amid the highs and lows of this anticipated release, a glitch is draining players’ inventories faster than Scrooge McDuck or the Premium Store ever could.

The latest alert from the DDV development team rings alarms about buggy Glitchy Pixel Duplicates, a peculiar crafting item intricately linked with the multiplayer experience that could make your inventory items and Dreamlight disappear.

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What Is The DDV Glitchy Pixel Duplicate Crafting Bug?

Crafted from Pixel Shards discovered during multiplayer ventures, Glitchy Pixel Duplicates are “wild card” ingredients that make the crafting process easier. They work as stand-ins for missing components across various recipes. However, DDV devs recently warned against using these duplicates to substitute crafting components due to a critical issue — using could remove some of your other stored ingredients, Dreamlight included.

The severity of this bug has compelled the development team to take immediate action, urging players to safeguard against accidental use by dropping these items within their in-game homes. Additionally, they’ve initiated a temporary halt on the Pixel Shard spawns, which is crucial for creating these glitchy duplicates. Continuous updates and progress on resolving this glitch are being tracked and communicated through their Trello board.

Clearly, those affected by this malfunction are lamenting their loss on all social media platforms. One distressed user reported inadvertently triggering the glitch, resulting in the loss of most accumulated Dreamlight, save for a meager 900 units. 

The launch of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s multiplayer feature was met with a mix of enthusiasm and reservations, and it’s likely this crafting bug won’t make it any more welcome. Some players are urging the devs to send Dreamlight through the mailbox as a means of compensation. This wouldn’t be the first time Gameloft throws a handful of coins in the mailbox to ask for forgiveness.

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These Glitchy Pixel Duplicates might be more glitchy than initially anticipated, and this bug leaves players to tread carefully as they await a fix to restore the harmony of their crafting adventures in DDV.