All Realms Featured In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Oh the places you’ll go.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game where you get to live alongside your favorite Disney characters in the world of Dreamlight Valley. After falling into the world, you learn that everyone who once lived in the valley has been subjected to a phenomenon known as The Forgetting, which has made them forget all about their home and retreat back to their realms. As you return the residents to the valley you will visit different Disney realms and interact with the characters inside. These are all the realms featured in Disney Dreamlight Valley so far.

All current realms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley currently features six realms that you can enter that belong to various characters from both Disney and Pixar franchises. When visiting these realms, you can interact with the characters found within and complete quests for them to bring them back to the valley. You can find each of the realms inside Dream Castle once it is unlocked.


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If you are a fan of Pixar, odds are you know a thing or two about Wall-E. This little robot is a garbage collector left behind on Earth after the humans evacuated. In his realm, he roams the wasteland and collects garbage, packing it tightly into cubes that are then stacked in various ways. Unlocking Wall-E grants you access to a garden in the valley that he will tend to.


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Enter the Moana realm to be transported to a Polynesian paradise. This realm will have you interacting with Moana and Maui. Moana wants to get out and see the ocean and wants you to tag along. After completing quests for both characters, you can bring them back to the valley to live alongside you and the other Disney characters.

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“Little Chef” makes a return to the realm of Ratatouille where you can interact with Remy and cook up some great meals. There is an important food critic coming to the restaurant and you need to help Remy serve the dinner rush while also impressing the critic. It’s a tough job, and you might screw up the Ratatouille, but completing the quest here will bring Remy back to the valley.


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The spirits of nature are running amok in the realm of Frozen. In this area, you will interact with Anna and Elsa as they try to calm the spirits of nature. Complete the job and you can unlock both characters as residents of the valley. If you are wondering about Kristoff, he can be found in the valley already helping out Donald Duck.

Toy Story

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The Toy Story realm allows you to shrink down to the size of a toy and explore Andy’s Room. Players will be able to interact with Buzz Lightyear and Woody as well, and soon make them residents of the valley. And yes, once they are added to your valley they drop and play “toy” every so often.

Lion King

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The latest Realm that was added to Disney Dreamlight Valley was the Lion King realm. When accessing this world you will be able to be thrown into the famous movie, meeting both Nala and Simba. After completing the quest, you will be able to welcome them into the Valley and be able to set up your own Lion King-inspired area as well.

There are still many Realms we can expect to see in the future as there are still many doors in the castle which are where the Realms are kept. Disney Dreamlight Valley has plans to keep adding new and old Disney and Pixar characters to the game as it progresses, right now it is still in early access but one day will go free-to-play and we will probably see a lot more Realms dropped then as well.