Disney Dreamlight Valley fan showcases how to recreate premium shop sweaters, effectively taking cheese from the mouse’s mouth


Screenshot by Gamepur

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game where you can openly create your own style. From redecorating your home to creating your own clothing, you can truly define your Disney style. Recently, Gameloft added a premium shop to the Valley that offers some fancy items for those Moonstones that have been gathering in your pockets and chests. Unfortunately, the items in this shop aren’t always as “premium” as the shop’s name would have you believe and one fan has taken it upon themselves to recreate one of the latest premium shop sweaters using the in-game clothing creator.

Reddit user _userlame recently posted on the Disney Valley Reddit page showing their recreation of the Mickey Mouse Sweater Trio that appears in the shop. It isn’t surprising to see fans making their own styles that mimic those found in the shop. After all, we recently shared information about how the premium shop prices tend to be way more than what they should be. The recreation of these sweaters may not be absolutely perfect, but they are something that one user noted: “Scrooge would be proud of.” Those who take the opportunity to recreate these sweaters can save their Moonstones for when the next shop update comes in a few days.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley fans have openly been criticizing the prices of the premium shop items and although they seem to have dropped slightly over the past few weeks since the Festival of Friendship update, they are still more than many fans would like to pay. Nobody wants to have to buy the game a second time over for a set of sweaters so it is great to save the money where you can instead of blowing your dough on non-premium items. Fans need to keep creating these great styles and show off their creative minds.