Disney Dreamlight Valley premium store prices cost as much as a trip to Disney World

One ticket and a fast pass please.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Disney Dreamlight Valley has finally received its third update which includes Mirabel, Olaf, plenty of cosmetic options, and a premium shop with prices that cost about as much as a ticket to the “most magical place on Earth.” The new premium shop was added with the Festival of Friendship update and is meant to provide additional cosmetic items like furniture, house designs, and clothing for your hard-earned Moonstones. Unfortunately for thrifty players, the Dreamlight devs have made Moonstones cost more than the game itself.

Fans were quick to create a Reddit thread to share the disastrous prices of the current items for sale in the premium store with Cinderella’s Castle costing an outrageous $18.10 CAD or around $13.50 USD. That is a lot of money to spend on something that just changes how your house looks. Of course, players can still collect Moonstones by collecting the 50 that are given by the blue chest that spawns each day. Unfortunately, that would take you a whopping 75 days to collect enough to buy the castle. You may as well go see the real thing at that point.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

The addition of microtransactions in a game like Disney Dreamlight Valley has driven a wedge between the developers and their target Disney-loving audience. As one user commented, “the upsetting thing is I actually wanted to give them my money and was excited to get some new stuff to play with, but at this level of pricing that isn’t going to happen.” It is clear that there is an audience for the items in the premium shop, they just don’t think the price is anywhere close to right.

Some have even compared this move to games like Apex Legends and Warzone which charge large sums of money for character skins. Plenty of players are concerned about the pricing going forward and it shows with some even stating that this has “dampened their spirits about the update.” At least the update includes plenty of chests to house the Moonstones that players will need to hoard to afford these new items.