Disney Dreamlight Valley Fans can finally use cabinets and refrigerators for their intended purpose

I can finally put my food in my refrigerator.

Image via Gameloft

Tomorrow is a big day for Disney Dreamlight Valley fans as the new “Festival of Friendship” update drops for all consoles. Not only will we be getting a lot of new features, like changing the roles of our villagers, or new items, but we will also finally be getting more storage. This is something fans have wanted for a long time now and, if Reddit is any indication, they’re very happy to see it finally being added.

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The new storage management is coming in a few different ways and will include a few new features as well. If you are someone who likes to stay stocked up on materials, you will be pleased to know you can organize all of your wares much better. The official patch notes from Disney Dreamlight Valley tell us that they have seen the storage rooms everyone has been making and that it’s impressive, but also scary. To help out with some of the storage issues, they’re now making Chests come in three sizes.

The developers also noticed how everyone neatly organized each of their Chests and have added a new feature to make that even easier. You will be able to craft customizable signposts which can help you label what is in a certain Chest, so you don’t misplace anything.

Further, players will be able to use fridges and cabinets as chest-level storage, opening up even more room. Not only will you be able to make a pretty kitchen with a fridge and cabinets, but you can also store your food and ingredients in them too. As Reddit user u/Terrin369 points out, our fridges are “going to be so full of food!”

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Finally, this Disney Dreamlight Valley update is adding a quality-of-life feature that allows you to auto-sort your items. This will help you easily have your items sorted by what they are but also lets you transfer items between your inventory and storage with a smart transfer tool. We think everyone playing Dreamlight Valley can agree with Redditor u/shereallycamethatway when they say this is “the best news.”