Disney Dreamlight Valley Fans Prep for Multiplayer With Stunning Town Layouts

I’ve got some cleaning up to do before I can receive guests in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s multiplayer version.

DDV Multiplayer

Image via Gameloft

Disney is more fun with friends, especially now that Disney Dreamlight Valley’s full release amps up its multiplayer finisher with the full release version on the horizon.

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In October, DDV declared its farewell to early access. The Valley, along with everyone — even the not-so-liked inhabitants, is set to migrate to the full release of Disney Dreamlight Valley in December. The big news? Multiplayer is making its debut, causing players to flaunt their Valley setups online. Let’s just say my Valley feels a bit underprepared now.

DDV Fans Get Ready to Welcome Their Friends Into Their Valleys

Multiplayer in Disney Dreamlight Valley unleashes a Valleys-hopping spectacle. Peek at the cute decor, raid a pal’s Scrooge McDuck store — it’s all in play. Disney Dreamlight Valley’s X (Twitter) squad encouraged players to showcase their Valleys and who they will invite once Multiplayer is available. Naturally, this unleashed a cascade of stunningly adorned and creatively themed Valleys.

DDV fans have proven to be the masters of decoration. From the Fall-themed Forests of Valor to a tropical Dazzle Beach adorned with palm trees, creativity knows no bounds. Some even spruced up their palace front yards with lush green gardens.

For me, the real showstopper was a Maze-themed Valley. X seems to have come to the realization that using items for decorative purposes was for the weak. Instead, they’ve decided to create a full-blown attraction using fences. It looks like you can navigate the maze to a central gazebo where victors gather. I’m pinning this as one of my must-visit DDV tourist attractions.

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The dedication to biome-specific decor is insane. Disney Dreamlight Valley’s player base rocks diversity and creativity. The game offers a ton of decor options, but it’s your call on how to flaunt them. With this sneak peek, my December calendar might be packed — so many Valleys to explore in Disney Dreamlight Valley Multiplayer.