Disney Dreamlight Valley Hints at Six New Character Additions in a Survey

Disney Dreamlight Valley devs are teasing possible new content in a new survey, including up to 6 new characters.

Image by Gamepur

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Over its early access to full release journey, Disney Dreamlight Valley devs have built a solid relationship with the playerbase. Whether it’s contests, polls, or tweets, the team welcomes and implements player feedback. In a recent update, it seems this type of communication won’t be lost following the December 2023 full release.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley devs have asked players to answer a questions — 40 in total — via a survey that enquires about their personal experience with the game. While the majority of the questions focused on multiplayer, Star Paths, and in-game monetization, one particular question hinted at the potential addition of six new characters.

DDV Asks Players Which of These 6 Characters They Would Like to See Added to The Game

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In a survey, Disney Dreamlight Valley asked how “appealing” it would be to see the following six characters in DDV:

  • Timon and Pumbaa
  • Lumiere and Cogsworth
  • Rex and BoBeep

While the team hasn’t confirmed any or all of these characters will be coming to the game, it’s clear they’re gauging interest to make the best possible choice.

The Content Roadmap for 2024 looks pretty stacked, regardless of whether you’re playing A Rift in Time or not. Among the upcoming characters are Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, Mike and Sulley from Monsters Inc., and other mysterious characters. If we were to add these new ones to the mix, or at least some of them, we’d be having a pretty busy Valley.

It’s worth noting that all three duos belong to Disney franchises whose main characters have already been added to the Disney Dreamlight Valley. Timon and Pumba already have Scar, Nala, and Simba waiting for them. Lumiere and Cogsworth will be pleased to know that Belle, Beast, and Gaston are getting along just fine in our Valley. And, of course, Woody will likely go crazy when she sees Rex and Bobeep.

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DDV’s devs seem to be interested in hearing the community’s thoughts and opinions on features that have been implemented in the game and those that are still to come in the future. Those interested in taking the survey can do so by clicking the link in DDV’s X post. It’s the perfect chance to open up on your thoughts on paid premium content, Star Paths returning, quest design, and which Disney duo you’d like to see join your Disney Dreamlight Valley world.