Disney Dreamlight Valley Official Paid Release Set For December

Disney Dreamlight Valley is exiting early access with a bang, and it will be here sooner than you might expect.

Image via Gameloft

Gaming is about to get a little more magical as Disney Dreamlight Valley, the cozy game that has bewitched every Disney adult since 2022, prepares to cast off its early access shackles.

During its early access phase, Disney Dreamlight Valley garnered a loyal fanbase. It drew players into its charming blend of city planning reminiscent of Animal Crossing, quest-driven gameplay, and RPG-style progression. Its community embraced the opportunity to rebuild a village, befriend beloved Disney characters, and uncover hidden secrets in the Valley’s past.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Officially Set to Shine Bright as a Paid Game

Image via Gameloft

Now, as the game gears up for its official release on December 5th, existing players can rest easy knowing they’ll retain their access, Moonstones, and saved game progress. 

However, the big news is Disney Dreamlight Valley’s decision to remain a paid game, bucking the trend of shifting to free-to-play. As their creative team put it, this ensures the game can maintain its commitment to delivering a premium gaming experience, with free content updates on the horizon, including new characters, realms, clothing, furniture, and other delightful surprises.

They also didn’t forget about their founders. All unique cosmetic items featured in the upcoming Gold Edition will be provided at no cost to anyone who purchases and claims a Founder’s Pack in-game before December 4th, irrespective of the tier chosen. Furthermore, Founders will also receive a gift of 2500 Moonstones to celebrate this milestone.

For those eager to dive into Disney Dreamlight Valley, the retail-exclusive Disney Dreamlight Valley: Cozy Edition is now available for Nintendo Switch in North America, with a global release scheduled for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on November 10.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s transition from early access to an official release as a paid game marks an exciting new chapter in the game’s journey. With a commitment to delivering a top-tier experience, a community of enthusiastic players, and a world filled with Disney magic, the Valley’s future will be brighter and more enchanting than ever.