Disney Dreamlight Valley Players Unlock Special Park Community Challenge Surprise

The community has knocked it out of the park.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Disney Dreamlight Valley started a community challenge a couple of weeks ago that asked its players to do different tasks around their valley in order to receive rewards. Players have worked hard to accomplish each of the community tasks.

Players were given all kinds of tasks including, hitting a total number of specific items placed in every valley combined. Once the number had been reached the prize would be available to collect. Every time a task was completed, the developers let everyone know on the official Twitter account that the item was in their mailbox ready to collect. However, Disney Dreamlight Valley gave players an extra surprise this week.

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Fans Get Extra Surprise For Completing Community Quest

Each of the five tasks they gave fans was fairly simple being: 300K Parks Ballons placed, 350K Trashcanes placed, 400K Topiaries placed, 450K Disney Park Dream Styles unlocked, and the last one, 600K Disney Park Affections placed. Not only were all five completed, but they were completed in record time as well.

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans knocked out the challenge incredibly quickly, so the developers decided to give fans a little extra surprise for completing it so fast. Players can now head over to their mailboxes to receive 500 Moonstones as a reward, but that’s not all.

Not only are fans getting moonstones, but in the next update which releases in June, players will also get a teapot. This teapot is made after the Mad Tea Party attraction which was added to the game in the last update. Players will find this item in their mailboxes after the June update.

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This just proves exactly how strong the Disney Dreamlight Valley community is when it comes to getting things done. It is quite amazing to see and surely the developers are proud of what they’ve created. Hopefully, we’ll continue to see more of this as we get closer to that June update in DDV.