Disney Dreamlight Valley team hints at inventory management for the next update

You can finally stop crafting chests.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The team behind Disney Dreamlight Valley hasn’t shied away from listening to feedback from fans about changes they want in the game. Dreamlight Valley amassed a massive following after its release, but players have since been critiquing the title and offering their own solutions to problems. One of the biggest gripes that fans have about the game is inventory management, but that seems to be something the developers are focused on fixing in the next update. The game’s official Twitter account recently posted a poll asking followers if they would like “expanded storage management” in the next update.

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Based on the poll options, it doesn’t seem like a huge stretch to assume that the game’s inventory management system could get an upgrade with the next big update, or at least with one of the many updates planned for 2023. This is undoubtedly great news for fans after having spent ages crafting chests to store all of the items they have collected over the past few months.

This isn’t the only hint that fans have received about the upcoming updates. At the end of last month, another post on the Twitter page showed off house skins that players can expect to see in the future. Of course, these changes will be welcomed by the community with open arms and have been expected for some time.

Unfortunately, we still have not received word about when the next update will be coming. Most of the updates have been timed with Star Path end dates. If this trend keeps up, we could expect an announcement for the next update soon since the current Star Path only has one week remaining. Fingers crossed that we gain access to another realm inside Dream Castle.