Disney Dreamlight Valley Wonder of Pixar Star Path Debuts New Clothes & Abilities

Disney Dreamlight Valley teases new Star Path coming in early June update, showcasing some adorable items from fan favorite movies.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Path

Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley

The time has come for Disney Dreamlight Valley to tease its next Star Path after a pause without a new one available. With it finally being June, the window for the promised fifth update is upon players, bringing the new event content. The upcoming Star Path features some warm and cozy items fans will really want to get their hands on when they drop.

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Alongside all the new content and features Disney Dreamlight Valley teased in the past weeks, a new Star Path was mentioned in previous breakdowns and roadmap changes. Considering one has been available with every update this far, it is less of a surprise one will be included, and more a mystery about the theme of the path. Players will want to hustle to earn up Moonstones for these fabulous new items.

A Cozy Turning Red Onesie Comes In DDV’s Fifth Star Path

The fifth Disney Dreamlight Valley update currently does not have a set release day, but Gamesoft continues to tease that it is “coming very soon.” According to the official DDV Twitter page, the Star Path will be titled “Wonder of Pixar”, bringing many Disney Pixar-inspired items. Some options teased in the image include a fuzzy Turning Red onesie, a blue space suit for Buzz, and some Inside Out-inspired furniture items.

The Tweet from Disney Dreamlight Valley says that players can “get ready to make a splash,” followed by the Star Path title with a Fire and Water emoji. It isn’t clear what this could be hinting at, but it could have to do with the phoenix in the background of the image.

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Unfortunately, the release date for the early June Disney Dreamlight Valley update is still unknown, but it is possible that Gamesoft will provide more knowledge later this week. For now, players should continue to save up their Moonstones from blue chests around the Valley to prepare to purchase the adorable new Disney Pixar items.