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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s next update will let characters take on new roles

Now anyone can be anything at anytime

The buzz for Disney Dreamlight Valley never seems to die down, especially not when a new update is around the corner. In just a couple of days, February 16 to be exact, the game will be dropping a new update called “A Festival of Friendship.” This update is planned to include tons of new additions, like Maribel from Encanto, a new Star Path for the event, and also some new story elements to discover in the Frosted Heights biome that seems to be bringing Olaf to the game to join his Frozen friends.

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All of the things listed above aren’t the end of the new changes coming in the update. Today on Twitter, Disney Dreamlight Valley teased that a very requested feature would be coming to the game. Players will now be able to craft Training Manuals, which will let them change the role of any level 10 villager in the Valley. This means if you have a villager with the role of “fishing” you can change it to “gardening” or any of the other roles. A lot of players have spoken out on social media about how they first entered the game and gave random roles to their villagers only to realize later that they want to assign them different ones…now you will finally be able to do this.

So far, it hasn’t been said how the Training Manuals will be crafted, but for now, we will assume it can be done at the crafting bench. In the photo on their Twitter, it shows a table with five books laying out across it, and there are five different activities to pick from when assigning a villager a role; fishing, mining, digging, foraging, and gardening. Picking one will also help you level up your villager faster while you are hanging out together.

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We also don’t have any confirmation on what we will be required to craft these Training Manuals, it is very exciting though that it is being added to the game. Hopefully, we will see more updates the community really wants to be added like this since Disney Dreamlight Valley’s developers seem to listen to its fans.

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