Elden Ring fans are still uncertain about who Radagon and Marika really are

FromSoftware lore has always been up for debate.

Image via FromSoftware

If you’ve made your way to the final boss of Elden Ring, then you’ve faced the mysterious figure known as Radagon. Just like with Queen Marika, his name is passed around throughout the whole journey. Yet for all we hear about the queen and her consort, there are still so many questions about their identities. Elden Ring players are still looking for those answers — and be warned, they do involve some spoilers.

Soulsborne content creator Zullie the Witch (known for discoveries like mistaken Illusory Walls) pondered Radagon and Marika on Twitter, stating their take on some of the theories surrounding the duo. “Duo” might not even be the right word to use there: at one point, Elden Ring states that Radagon is Marika. This has led to much discussion among fans. Are Queen Marika and Radagon indeed one individual, one who would identify as part of the queer community? Some believe they were two separate characters who united later in life, though Zullie is not in that camp. Radagon’s origin is murky, though we know he abandoned Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon at some point to be wed to Marika. That sort of “mythological weirdness” is why fans have questions about what a single entity could be capable of.

Zullie’s tweets prompted a similar discussion on ResetEra. Forum member hydrophilic attack started a thread there, and they also noted that the theory of a single Radagon and Marika “fits well with the queer themes of the game.” Reading through the replies, you can see plenty of differing opinions: Radagon and Marika as one entity, a couple that eventually merged, or even two individuals existing as alternate forms of one another. The lore in FromSoftware games has always invited discussion, but the identity of Radagon and Marika in Elden Ring is its own special case.

Perhaps the inevitable DLC will tell us more. Elden Ring’s 1.07 patch has hinted at several new pieces of content, from a new map to coliseum battles meant for PvP. Fans also have thoughts about the expansion of course, with some requesting a boss fight even harder than Malenia.