Epic Games buying Fall Guys dev Mediatonic

With the Fortnite creator’s help, Fall Guys now looks to include account systems, cross-play, and more.

Epic Games will now be known for much more than just its Fortnite battle royale. On Tuesday, the video game creator and publisher announced the purchase of Tonic Games Group, the parent company of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout developer Mediatonic.

“Joining forces with Epic will accelerate our plans to improve the game and bring Fall Guys to as many players as possible while continuing to support the community,” Mediatonic wrote in a recent Q&A blog plot. Although these plans aren’t clear, the studio insists it would love for Fall Guys to have “account systems, cross-play, [and] squad vs. squad modes.” — all features currently present in Fortnite and Rocket League.

Additionally, the post oddly hints at a possible free-to-play model for Mediatonic’s latest game in the near future, but ultimately concludes that there is “Nothing to announce right now!” The declaration could be simply asserting that Epic will not be making it free-to-play, despite it doing the same with Rocket League upon its purchase.

Mediatonic previously garnered a reputation through developing titles such as Gears Pop!, Hatoful Boyfriend, and Fantastic Beast: Cases from the Wizarding World. Of course, these franchises and all others developed under Tonic Games Group will now be owned by Epic.

Just weeks before this announcement, it was revealed Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout would be coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch sometime this summer. In the meantime, it will soon be receiving a new season of content — apparently a very futuristic Season 4.