Fae Farm Fans Prep For Release By Sharing Adorable Ideas for Animal Names

Players have some creative ideas on what to call their feathered friends.


Image via Phoenix Labs

The year of cozy doesn’t seem to be slowing down, with Fae Farm, the newest cozy farm sim, just about to release for PC and Nintendo Switch. The game features plenty for players to enjoy, and the developers have decided to build some hype by asking a very important question to their players: What will they name their first Chickoo?

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Players Have Some Interesting Name Choices for Their First Chickoo’s

The official Fae Farm X/Twitter account decided to build some hype for the upcoming release today with a post asking fans what they will be calling their first Chickoo, a chicken creature in the game that can be multiple different colors. As expected, fans were quick to sound off the names of their feathery friends, with a mixture of funny and heartwarming choices.

One of the top comments comes from a user who will name these Nugget, with a heartfelt reason involving their mother who passed away, with the name as a nice way to remember them. Others are a bit more humorful, with one naming theirs Louise after their real chicken, and another deciding to go with Chic-fil-a, which is rather dark now we think about it. Along with those, we saw other standouts like Ookchic, Rosita, Ruffles, and Cordon Bleu.

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Chickoos won’t be the only animal players can name and care for in Fae Farm. The game is filled with plenty of magical creatures and animals to care for while enjoying all the cozy and farm sim staples like managing crops, handling daily farm life, as well as some unique quirks and a more magically infused cozy.

Players won’t need to wait much longer to begin their Far Farm adventures, with the game set to release on September 8, 2023, for PC and Nintendo Switch.