Fall Guys announces Season 4 release date, Among Us crossover

Imposters are set to invade the platformer in just one week.

Image via Mediatonic

Developer Mediatonic has finally let out the release date for Season 4 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, but its reveal also came with one surprising twist. When the season launches on March 22, the platforming battle royale will apparently be teaming up with another mega-hit, Among Us.

Beyond the high rises and neon lights, Fall Guys’s Season 4 will reportedly be serving up in-game Among Us costumes on its very first day. In the last moments of the new footage, a Fall Guys character is seen dropping from the sky while seemingly wearing a red Among Us-inspired space outfit. It then concludes with the text: “Fall Guy was ejected. 1 Imposter remaining,” making it abundantly clear the two survival games are joining forces.

Speaking to IGN, Mediatonic has claimed this first Among Us costume will have “something unique” about it, and also mentioned it plans on releasing more Among Us cosmetics in the near future — presumably in the form of different colored suits. As for the red one shown, it will be obtainable through the Season 4 Fame Path, rather than having to buy it via Crowns.

Although no actual Season 4 gameplay is showcased in the latest trailer, it does hint that players could see a new finale crown level also set in outer space. Previously, Mediatonic did lend a preview of one of its seven new stages last week — which included deadly laser beams and even a low gravity zone.

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