Fall Guys finally adds crossplay parties

Squad up with fellow beans.

Image via Epic Games

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It’s been a long time coming, but it has finally happened. A year and a half after initial release, Fall Guys now has a fully functioning crossplay system, hopefully paving the way for its upcoming Switch and Xbox ports.

Fall Guys’ mid-season update went live today, introducing a range of bug fixes, but it’s the crossplay integration that’ll turn the most heads. As of today, PC and PS4 players can now party up for the first time, marking the completion of its crossplay integration.

Fall Guys has flirted with crossplay in the past. PlayStation 4 and PC users have been able to play in custom lobbies and matchmake together since last year, but this implementation was limited. If a PC player wanted to squad up with a PS4 friend, they’d just have to hope they ended up in the same match. With today’s update, Fall Guys has caught up with just about any other modern crossplay-enabled title.

As for the bugs, the mid-season update fixes quite a few notable problems. For starters, the framerate has been improved across the board. Inconsistencies with hit detection, physics, and obstacle behavior have also been addressed. As an example, players should no longer fall through platforms during the Roll On round.