How to crossplay with friends in Fall Guys custom lobbies

Just you and the pals.

Fall Guys Season 4

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout fully supports crossplay, and large groups can get into crossplay custom matches together. This is different from crossplay matchmaking, or teaming up with up to three friends of yours to form a party — custom lobbies allow you to choose which game types you’d like to play within a private group of players, regardless of which platform you play Fall Guys on.

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To access custom lobbies, select Show Selector from the main menu. You will see the usual selection of Live Shows, but on the next tab is a Custom Shows option. From there, you can Host a Custom Show or Join a Custom Show.

How to host a crossplay custom lobby in Fall Guys

Fall Guys crossplay custom lobbies
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By selecting the Host option, you’ll be presented with a number of options. Go to the Show Selection menu and select a game mode from the Most Popular and Pick ‘N’ Mix tabs. Note that while most custom game types have previously supported a minimum of two or four players, as of June 24 and due to technical issues, custom lobbies have a minimum of 10 players. This post will update if that minimum changes as Mediatonic continues to fix custom lobby issues.

On the top of the screen will be a five-character code; you can show or hide the code with the press of a button if you need to hide the code for public streams. Once you have the minimum number of players, you can start the Show.

How to join a crossplay custom lobby in Fall Guys

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From the Custom Shows menu, hit Join and simply enter the five-character code that the host has given you. This code will work across players across all platforms.