Fall Out Boy takes to the Fortnite concert stage

Fortnite fans need to act fast.

Image from Epic Games

In a sudden announcement, the Fortnite Twitter page has shared that a Fall Out Boy concert will be taking place in the game tonight at 7 PM. Players will have a limited opportunity to hop into the game to check out the concert on an exclusive island created by IHeartRadio. We don’t know how long the concert will last, but players will likely need to rush to check out this opportunity before it fills up.

The announcement was made from the official Fortnite Twitter page, sharing that players can jump into the iHeartLand created by iHeartRadio to see Fall Out Boy take the stage at 7 PM. The sudden announcement only gave Fortnite players a few hours to prepare for the event.

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The island code for players to use to participate in this event will be 6144-7573-9391. The demand to join this concert will be extensive, and fans are likely eager to check out the event.

Multiple fans are curious if there will be an emote for attending this event, but this has not been outlined by the official tweet or the news page on the iHeartRadio. It has also not been shared how long this concert event will be live, but it will only be available for a limited time. Given previous live events for Fortnite, there will likely be limited rewards surrounding this entry, so fans can expect some cosmetic for their attendance.

Fortnite fans are already looking forward to joining this random event as they received little notice about it. Fans who join the island will get a rare treat to hear some Fall Out Boy songs played while they hang out with their friends on a Friday evening. Fans can join the iHeartLand island by following the steps outlined on the Fortnite website.