Epic games reverse time-gated weekly quests in Fortnite, will no longer expire after a seven days

Players can once again quest at their own leisure.


Image via Epic Games

Aside from a new Dragon Ball crossover and the usual maintenance, this week’s Fortnite update comes with a welcome U-turn that players will be happy to see. In the latest update, Epic Games has rolled back its changes to weekly quests that caused them to expire after seven days — meaning players can once again take on these quests at their own pace.

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Before Chapter 4, weekly quests would be added to the game every week and could be completed at any time before the season was over, giving players the freedom to play and tackle each quest at their leisure. However, at the start of Chapter 4, Epic decided to change this and make weekly quests time-gated to one week, limiting players to do these quests, including multi-stepped ones, before a new week started or lost their chance to complete them. As you’d expect, practically no one was happy with this decision, stating it was difficult to keep up and seemed unfriendly to more casual players, so it’s pleasing to see Epic Games respond to the feedback and walk back this change.

In a blog post about this week’s update, Epic has detailed that weekly quests are back to their original format, and you are free to progress and complete them at your own pace again. It is worth noting that this reversal seemingly only applies to Chapter 4 Season 1, meaning we could see time-gated weekly quests return. Still, if enough players speak up, this rollback could hopefully remain in place.

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This isn’t the only thing players can be happy about or look forward to from the battle royale. In this same update, new files have been found that point to the long-rumored and requested first-person mode, which will give players a new way to experience the game. There is also mention of a wanted system, with a leaked poster showing a player in a balaclava linked to a quest revolving around this new wanted feature. There is no official announcement regarding these new modes or features, but it’s worth keeping your eyes open for more details in the future.