Fallout 76 “crash event” may be coming to a close following PC hotfixes

Not the event everyone wanted.

Image via Bethesda

Fallout 76 has seen its fair share of problems over the years. Fans of the game have experienced everything from poor server stability to absurd glitches that grant infinite ammo and disappearing guns. Thanks to a patch released on January 27, more and more wasteland survivors have been experiencing game crashes.

This has prompted the community to label the new activity the “crash event,” with some seeing the game crash about every 20 minutes when they would normally see public events going live on their server. Luckily, this unwarranted pastime may be coming to an end soon thanks to a recent hotfix.

The announcement of the hotfix was made on the Bethesda Support Twitter page along with a notice that there will be more hotfixes coming in the future to fix the additional problems that players have been having. Unfortunately, this fix is only on PC so console players will need to wait a little longer for their game to get fixed. A few days ago, Bethesda was able to fix the login issues on consoles but plenty of players have still been experiencing the “crash event” firsthand.

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Other issues that players have had include the Bear Arms perk card not working properly, camp items turning solid black when being placed, and bugged textures that appear unfinished. The number of complaints has died down with the release of the PC hotfix, but console players are understandably still frustrated. There hasn’t been any announcement made as to when a hotfix will go live on consoles but everyone should be able to go back to enjoying the Nuka-World on Tour content relatively soon. Until everything is completely fixed, Bethesda has updated the support site with information on how to help with the problem.