Fans Rally Behind Bungie Following Recent DDoS Attacks

Players are showing support for the team as they work to resolve and address recent DDoS attacks.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Destiny 2 players have been dealing with a rather frustrating situation recently, with server issues and connection problems making the game nearly impossible to play for some players. It turns out this has been due to a recent DDoS attack against the studio, and in a rare instance, the developer has released a statement regarding the attack, and fans are rallying to support them as they work through the problem.

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Players Show Support to Developers and Thank Them for Transparency

Players began to notice the connectivity issues with Destiny 2 yesterday after the weekly reset, with many reporting issues logging into the game, being met with long queue times or multiple error codes, and being kicked from games at random moments. After a few hours of these issues, Bungie took to X and tweeted via their Bungie Help account that these issues were “not related to the planned fixes rolling out for the recent crafting issue” and were instead a result of DDoS attacks.

Players had been experiencing issues with Destiny 2’s servers over the last few days, but yesterday looked to be the biggest wave of errors and network issues that caused the game to be unplayable in some instances, which was the case for me and my friends. Bungie made clear that they would usually not confirm “these types of attacks and do not plan to in the future for general game security reasons,” but for the sake of honesty with their fans, they felt it was “the right thing to do for our players to communicate the added pressure to our systems given recent circumstances.”

This comes at a rather inopportune time for the developer, as they were in the midst of rolling out fixes for a recent game-breaking bug involving crafting, as well as other planned fixes. Naturally, this led players to think the developers had broken the game themselves until they released their statement. They finished by thanking their fans for their patience as they work to resolve the issues.

Many fans have taken to social media like Reddit to show their support for the team, with one saying they hope those responsible are caught and properly punished. Others say they appreciate them breaking from their usual approach to be upfront with them, hoping the team is okay given the extra work, and thanking them for working hard to address the problems.

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DDoS attacks are unfortunately quite common in gaming, with several titles like World of Warcraft and other online games falling victim to these attacks, and it always ruins the experience for everyone. Given Bungie’s track record for taking legal action against bad actors, cheaters, and generally unsavory players and people, we won’t be surprised or too upset if they found those responsible and did the same to set an example.