Fans will have to wait until Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 to take full advantage of PS5

Who knows how long that is going to be.

Image via Square Enix

According to director Tetsuya Nomura, Final Fantasy VII Remake fans will have to wait until Part 2 before the developers take full advantage of the PlayStation 5’s hardware and controller features. 

In an interview going over Final Fantasy VII Intergrade with Famitsu (via VGC), Tetsuya Nomura stated: “In terms of graphics, lighting and textures are the main adjustments [in Intergrade], but environmental effects such as fog have also been added to further enhance the sense of realism and immersion in the world.”

Nomura was asked if the game handled haptic feedback from the DualSense controller and utilized 3D audio. The director responded: “As for adaptive triggers, they are partially supported. However, in terms of using all of the features of PlayStation 5, please wait for the next game where we can start from scratch.”

For those who might be unaware, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade was announced for the PS5 at Sony’s State of Play earlier last week. Intergrade will include all of the typical upgrades we have seen from other games such as better lighting, textures, and overall presentation. The upgrade will come at no cost to those who have already purchased it.

On top of that, Final Fantasy VII Remake is part of the PS Plus lineup for March. However, players will not be able to upgrade to Intergrade if they downloaded the game through their PS Plus Subscription.