Far Cry 6 has gone gold as the October 7 release date looms

Not long to wait.

Far Cry 6

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft has announced that Far Cry 6 has gone gold, meaning it is one step closer to release on October 7. In the announcement tweet, the company included a video detail what exactly going gold means for those who may not know.

Going gold means that the game is considered ready to press to disk according to the platform owners, and Ubisoft can start manufacturing copies of the game. It is a playable build from start to finish, and players could pick it up and pass all the platform owners’ compliance requirements.

The idea of a game going gold has changed a lot in the modern age, where Day One patches, hotfixes, and other such changes can always be made to the game. Mostly it means that developers are no longer bound to the restrictions of the game when it goes gold, and a complete system could be changed before launch if needed, as unlikely as that may actually be.

Ubisoft will be hoping for a smooth launch for Far Cry 6 after a tumultuous year. The company has been rocked by a series of allegations of bullying, sexual harassment, and toxicity in their workplace culture that saw multiple high-ranking personnel leave. Since then, staff has accused management of only making surface-level efforts to improve the culture at the company and deal with the issues that have been reported.