Square Enix Giving Away Free Copies of Heavensward to Final Fantasy XIV Owners

Final Fantasy XV MMORPG

Good news for everyone who picked up Final Fantasy XIV back in the day, but hasn’t played since the A Realm Reborn days: Heavensward (Final Fantasy XIV’s first expansion, released in June 2015) is free for a limited time for both PC and PlayStation 4 players of the game. The freebie expansion is available until June 27, so you’ve got some time to mull it over until then if you’re on the fence.

Heavensward is packed full of content, with three new (and entertaining classes) in the Dark Knight, Astrologian, and Machinist, a story steeped in political intrigue and intricacies, and of course new dungeons and bosses to fight, gear to collect, and cosmetics to hoard so “free” is as good a price as you’re ever going to find.

This is running alongside a free login campaign for lapsed players. Anyone who has been offline for at least 30 days can get seven days of free log in time if they hop back on before June 17.

Combined this makes it a good time to check out the game and get a taste of new (to you) content before the release of Shadowbringers (currently set to drop on July 2). Take note that a purchase of the current Stormblood or the new Shadowbringers expansion on its release will include free copies of all previous expansions (Stormblood is bundled with Heavensward, and Shadowbringers will include both previous expansions in its purchase price). This deal isn’t as much of an incentive for those who have current plans to jump back into the game long term.

Still, it’s a nice gesture on the part of Square Enix, and a good move to incentivize new and returning players to give the game another chance.

H/T Siliconera