Final Fantasy XV PC Preview Praises Graphics, First-Person, Keyboard Inputs

Final Fantasy XV MMORPG

We’re genuinely curious about how the Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will end up being in terms of quality, both in graphics and commands and scalability. And while we wait to check the new version of the role-playing game with our own eyes and possibly hands, we have some more details coming from a recent Game Watcher preview.

The feature recently published on the website notices few things that have never been discussed before about this brand new version of FFXV. First of all, inputs are said to be fully customizable and using mouse & keyboard feels very natural.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Early Review

“In general though, mouse and keyboard controls work extremely well. Left Mouse Button attacks, Right Mouse Button Blocks/Dodges, ‘F’ key Warps. When out of combat, LMB interacts and RMB both Sprints and contextually Crouches. Spacebar Jumps (…) We could totally see us playing entirely with mouse and keyboard for the duration… especially in First-Person Mode,” says the preview.

The brand new first-person perspective, coming together for the PC release and the Royal Edition for consoles, also feels “the biggest new addition”, which “works astonishingly well”. “Cutscenes and certain contextual moments will be third-person still, similar to the recent Deus Ex games, but otherwise the entire game is playable in first-person.” A mode where, the website suggests, mouse & keyboard look even recommendable.

In terms of graphics, the preview goes on detailing how much care was put into using the full potentiality of the platform for draw distance, hair, and grass, without taking into account details like tattoos.

“Just running through the fields, watching the grass sway, with the character physics in full motion and the draw distance to maximum is incredible, and we never saw the FPS drop below 60. (…) Hair looked great (…) The fog was thick and gorgeous, and the only thing you could see was the lights of the garage we started at several miles away. The draw distance is really quite good.”

My only doubt about this particular portion of the preview is that a very high-performance rig is going to be required to have the game running at 60 frames per second and with such high fidelity graphics. Take a look at the PC System Requirements to run Final Fantasy XV at 720p, 1080p And 4K HDR.