FIFA 23 players have found a way to sneak into the World Cup ahead of schedule

A console-specific feature let players see a mode early.

Screenshot by Gamepur

EA Sports’ FIFA series is one of the most popular in the world, often making billions of dollars for the company. FIFA 23 has been no different. With so many players plugged into the game, it usually doesn’t take long for mistakes to be shared rather quickly. For example, players discovered today that those on PlayStation 5 were able to use a console-specific feature — the PS5 Activities menu — in order to access the upcoming game update to coincide with the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The Activities menu is meant to help the player navigate a game with a number of different things to do and help them keep track of what’s left in the game, but it appears this time it unlocked some hidden menus.

You can see from the video that this is done through the system level of the PS5, where the activities are in the game code but hidden from the players. This comes just a day after FIFA had a barrage of live content updates that also didn’t go to plan.

It would appear that FIFA is struggling with the same sort of live content pipeline issues that Madden has continued to experience this year. Things just are not as clean as they used to be. So far this sneaky little trick will only let you browse menus to view the kits and formations of the 32 national teams, and this doesn’t seem repeatable on any other console.

EA has yet to give any official word on when this content will actually be turned on for everyone — or if this behavior could result in action being taken against players. While you wait like the rest of us for the World Cup game mode, you can see our latest Team of the Week guide.