Final Fantasy 16 Ad Casts Cats As Ifrit & Phoenix

Final Fantasy 16’s latest commercial features cats recreating a harrowing scene from the game.

Image Via Square Enix

The latest commercial for Final Fantasy 16 has gone the live-action route, with the strange choice of casting cats as Ifrit and Phoenix as the two Eikons battle it out. The Eikons of Fire have become the Eikats, as warring feline fighters recreate their epic showdown in the skies above the Duchy of Rosaria.

The Final Fantasy 16 demo on PS5 featured the game’s opening chapters, where protagonist Clive Rosfield’s darkest day is shown. His brother, Joshua, is the Dominant of the Phoenix, able to transform into the Eikon of Fire when pushed. A person bearing the powers of Ifrit attacks Joshua, and the two clash, with both Eikons using their mastery of flame to try and overwhelm the other in one of the most visually impressive battles in the game.

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Cats play FF16’s Eikons In Latest Advert

Final Fantasy XVI has incredibly high production values, with some of the best graphics on the PS5 to date. However, Square Enix was wasting its time as the latest commercial for the game managed to top the sequence by casting cats as the Eikons from the battle in the opening scene. This new commercial can be seen on the official PlayStation YouTube channel.

One of the cats is given the fiery wings of the Phoenix, which are strapped to its body, while the other has the blazing horns of Ifrit, which rise above its head from its collar. Another version of the commercial is available on the official Japanese PlayStation account, as seen in the link below, featuring different cats in the roles of Phoenix and Ifrit.

The owners of these cats must be commended for their training skills, as the cats move around with their little costumes on without complaint. As a cat owner in the past, you couldn’t put a little paper hat on their head for two seconds for a cute photo without them acting as if you threw acid in their face. The fact these cats dressed like Eikons without pitching a fit shows what good pets they are.

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The battle between Ifrit and Phoenix is one of the most harrowing moments in FF16, where the incredibly dark tone of the story is set in stone. The cat commercial doesn’t quite grasp the same level of despair and horror as the original scene, but it’s still eye-catching and a great way to advertise FF16 to the masses.