Final Fantasy XIV Fans Say Merch Is Out Of Control With The Return of Themed Nail Clippers

You can’t fight the Ascians with big toenails.

Image Via Square Enix/Play-Asia

Big franchises can have bizarre merchandise, and the Final Fantasy series is no exception, with FFXIV-themed nail clippers being reissued in Japan. This means that you, too, can have the same personal hygiene standards as the Warrior of Light, who always goes into battle with the nicest manicure in Eorzea.

FFXIV is a massively successful franchise for Square Enix, with its later expansions garnering near-universal acclaim among critics while the player base grew to the point where it exceeded the World of Warcraft audience. This has resulted in all kinds of merchandise imaginable, ranging from expensive figures of the FFXIV characters to clothing, jewelry, and even a cookbook.

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Final Fantasy XIV Nail Clippers Are Being Reissued In Japan

FFXIV’s strangest merchandise is so beloved that it’s coming back. A post by RobertCutter on the official Final Fantasy Reddit page has pointed out that the FFXIV nail clippers are being reissued. The pre-orders are now open on stores like Play-Asia and will be shipped in November.

There are two kinds of FFXIV nail clippers: Fat Cat and Meteor. They’re available on Play-Asia for $12.99, which is very expensive for nail clippers but is surprisingly cheap for official Square Enix merchandise. The decision to buy one depends on just how invested you are in the world of FFXIV and that you’d be happy to see the game’s logo when you’re ready to trim your toenails.

The Final Fantasy series has seen a resurgence in popularity, with FFXIV becoming a huge hit, the world of FF7 being reborn across several titles, and FF16 being well-received by fans. This means that Square Enix has plenty more opportunities to release items with the series’ logo on it, as the Bachelor’s Pasta FF7 Remake promotion from years ago was just a way to prepare fans for the new depths yet to come.

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Square Enix is hardly alone when it comes to milking their cash cow, and there are plenty of silly Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest branded items out on the market. You just have to wonder when and how the FFXIV nail clippers were decided on. Whoever did it deserves a raise, as they’re being reissued, which means they must have been successful once before.