Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1 – Newfound Adventure is coming mid-April

Where does one go after they save the world?

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV players have just seen the conclusion to 10 years worth of story development and are eager to know where Square Enix could be taking them next. The most recent Live Letter shed some light on what to expect, along with the confirmation that fans will not have to wait much longer before they can set out on a new journey. Patch 6.1 is officially titled Newfound Adventure, and it will release sometime in mid-April.

Game director Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi P) already previewed what new and exciting content will be coming with this patch in the last Live Letter, but there was additional clarification on where the story could be heading now that the Hydaelyn Zodiark arc has come to a conclusion. He previewed an opening scene very reminiscent of one in A Realm Reborn where the Warrior of Light sits down for tea with Tataru.

Yoshi P stated that he wanted the official artwork to showcase the Warrior of Light going back to being an “adventurer” after the events of the Endwalker storyline. They are very much starting something new, but there will still be some continuation of previous events as this new narrative progresses.

The official site has launched with some beautiful artwork and a checklist of all the new content coming with Newfound Adventure. Yoshi P has confirmed that there will be an additional Live Letter before release where he will go into detail about job changes and more.