Everything coming to Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1 – Hildibrand returns, new alliance raid, PvP, and more

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Screenshot via Square Enix YouTube

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Final Fantasy XIV’s latest Endwalker expansion launched to extreme success, containing amazing content and a main storyline that can take upwards of 40 hours to complete. Square Enix shows no signs of slowing down, however, as the latest Live Letter recently revealed what players can expect in the near future. Players craving the continuation of a certain hilarious sidequest story can finally celebrate, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Hildibrand’s return

The ever-popular Hildibrand character will finally return to the game in Patch 6.1 for a new adventure. His antics were sorely missed in Shadowbringers, and fans currently can only speculate where he is since the events of his Stormblood quest chain. Another new sidequest series mentioned in the Live Letter was called Tataru’s Grand Adventure. These chains will continue to be updated over the course of Endwalker’s major patches in addition to new main story quests.

Myths of the Realm alliance raid

The first wing of the Myths of the Realm alliance raid will also be making its debut, allowing 24 players to delve into the mythos of the 12 gods of Eorzea. Additional raid content comes in the form of the challenging Dragonsong’s Reprise Ultimate duty, which is the highest difficulty encounter in the game. Rounding all of this out a few weeks after the patch launches will be a new unreal trial for Ultima’s Bane.

Crystalline Conflict PvP

Players who enjoy PvP will be glad to know that Crystalline Conflict is coming in this patch, which is a new small-scale PvP mode designed to be casual with simple rules. It will not feature role-based matchmaking or actions, and will have distinct PvP actions instead. The goal of this mode will be to fight over a crystal in the center of the map and get it into the opposing goal first. An overhaul of the PvP reward system and series periods will be added to go along with this new mode.

Misc. additions

There are quite a few other miscellaneous additions coming with this patch as well. New Arksodara daily tribe quests will be introduced and Hrothgar will also finally be getting their new hairstyles. In addition, a new custom delivery and Ishgardian housing ward will be added. Finally, a new system dubbed “calling cards” was also mentioned.

Square Enix isn’t done showcasing what players can expect in the next patch. The company plans to do an additional Live Letter on March 4 to go into more detail on everything revealed for Patch 6.1.