Final Fantasy XIV Players Think They Figured Out The New Job for Dawntrail

Some players believed they’ve figured out the next Mage Job coming to Final Fantasy XIV for the Dawntrail expansion.

Image via Square Enix

We’re months away from Final Fantasy XIV’s next major expansion, Dawntrail. Still, players are trying to learn any amount of details they can about the upcoming competitive treasure hunt where they’ll be facing off with former allies who have been by their side for years. Customary to every Final Fantasy XIV expansion, there are new Jobs for players who grab it, and some players believe they’ve figured out one of the two new specialized classes coming to the game.

This comes off Final Fantasy XIV’s latest update, Patch 6.5, and working through the Guiding Light Main Scenario Quests. A player points out that there’s a distinct Green Clover earring that appears in the cutscenes, and they believe it’s a massive hint to one of the next jobs, Green Mage.

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A Green Clover May Have Revealed One of Final Fantasy XIV’s Next Job Reveals

Image via Square Enix

You can check out the thread created on Reddit by user Vikmourne. They shared an image of a green glover earring that appears in the latest Main Scenario Quests release for Patch 6.5. They highlight the Green Clover earring and trace it back to other instances this symbol has been used, such as the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, Final Fantasy Tactics S, and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. These games featured a Green Mage, and those with that Job wore the distinct green clover.

It has a lot of Final Fantasy XIV players talking in the Reddit thread. Many of them discuss how Green Mage could be an interesting addition to the existing magic Jobs, such as turning it into a nature caster where it does more Damage Over Time effects in combat and provides buffs to various party members.

There are a lot of exciting discussions happening about this theory, but it’s important to note it’s purely a theory. Many fans are still waiting to see if this is the chance for Geomancer to finally arrive at Final Fantasy XIV, but we haven’t seen any evidence of this so far.

This lines up because, during Final Fantasy XIV’s Fan Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, the development team’s director and producer, Naoki Yoshida, wore a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt on stage. He said this was a teaser for one of the upcoming Jobs, and it could work for Green Mage because this Job historically could cast a “Shell” around allies to assist them in combat.

However, the Final Fantasy XIV team has confirmed nothing at this time, but we can expect to hear more concrete evidence as 2023 continues and we draw closer to Dawntrail’s official release during the summer of 2024. We might hear more details during the Fan Expo events in Europe from October 21, 2023, to October 22, 2023, or during the one in Japan from January 7, 2024, to January 8, 2024.