Forspoken’s final boss battle leaks online with even more questionable dialogue

A potty mouthed heroine is here to save us.

Image via Square Enix

Since its initial announcement, crude language from its brave heroine has quickly become a main talking point for the upcoming Square Enix title, Forspoken. Frey, who becomes imbued with magical powers after getting transported to another dimension, has often drawn the ire of players for her less-than-ideal dialogue that’s been heard throughout multiple gameplay previews.

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The growing dislike from the community has seemingly been exacerbated by another sneak peek that has leaked. This time around, we see Frey engaging in battle with what is apparently the final boss in the game. As she begins to face the villain of the story, she can’t help but use strong language to express her feelings as she describes what she’s seeing with a word that rhymes with duck.

Though the boss fight itself was exciting and featured plenty of dramatic moments, most of the people that watched it couldn’t help but focus on Frey’s potty mouth. The collective frustration with the game’s writing is further evidenced by the comments found under the video. One viewer in particular decided to poke fun at the script, by congratulating the writers and saying that what they’re hearing is “truly Shakespearean dialogues and story.”

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Another commenter decided to compare it to another Square Enix creation, saying that “at least the dialogues from Stranger of Paradise were funny.” Based on the reactions from a large number of players, it seems that hopes aren’t particularly high for this epic fantasy RPG.

Unfortunately, the video in question has since been taken down because of a copyright claim from Luminous Productions. However, those wanting to see and hear it for themselves will only have to wait a few more days until it fully releases on January 24, 2023.