Forspoken first-hour gameplay featuring early cutscenes and wooden dialogue leaked – beware of spoilers

Youtuber has set the video private.

Image via Square Enix

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the closer we get to a big game’s release, the more likely it is that major story elements will leak. With Forspoken being one of the most highly anticipated releases of early 2023, it was inevitable that certain elements of the game would get out to the public. However, no one was expecting the first 60 minutes of gameplay to drop less than a week before Forspoken’s release.

The leak consists of Forspoken’s prologue, which takes up around half of the one-hour video uploaded to YouTube, and some early combat encounters and exploration. The details of Frey’s past and home situation are revealed, along with some dialogue that feels very forced and wooden for a major release like Forspoken. Fans were also quick to point out that the footage was taken before the game’s Day One patch was installed, judging by how the menu interfaces looked.

The leaked footage contains spoilers for the early moments of Forspoken, so anyone wanting to go in fresh will want to avoid it. Even those eager to see how the game opens will need to do a bit of searching, as the video quickly got set to private by the uploader. It looks like the upload, which came straight from a PlayStation 5, may have been accidental, but that didn’t stop the people of the Internet from spreading it like wildfire.

Once the video was posted to Resetera, it was inevitable that it would show up on other video hosting sites. There are only a few days left until Forspoken’s full release, and a demo is already available to whet your appetite, so it shouldn’t be too hard to remain patient. The gaming fans, however, aren’t known for their patience, especially when a game has been hyped as much as Forspoken, so be careful when reading any details about the title.